Real Food Made by Friendly People

back in the day, this place used to be a country store...


Buffalo Chicken Salad

Fresh green lettuce tossed with cucumbers, tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles, chopped bacon and bleu cheese dressing.  Topped with Buffalo style fried or grilled chicken tenderloins

Fresh Roast Beef Sub

Fresh pulled roast beef, American cheese, mushrooms, sweet banana peppers, garlic mayonnaise, and a very light coating of rich beef gravy.

Chicken, Cheddar, Broccoli, Grilled Cheese

Fresh chicken tenderloins, fresh broccoli florets, and shredded cheddar cheese on your choice of butter grilled white or 8 grain wheat bread

Fresh Turkey, Ham & Swiss

Fresh pulled turkey, thinly sliced ham, Swiss cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato slices, thinly sliced onion and mayonaise on a butter grilled bun.

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Breakfast is served all day... you can get 2 eggs, hasbrowns, toast & jelly for $3.50

Home Cooked Hot Meals

I cook the Roast Beef and Turkey right here in the kitchen... fresh makes a big difference.

Lunch - Sandwiches

Lunch is ready about 10:30am... there are over 40 different lunch sandwiches available


Thanks so much for stopping by....

Becky's Kitchen is located just a mile west of East Prospect, Pa (founded in 1874, population - 941), and about 3 miles east of the Turkey Hill in Yorkanna, Pa (founded in 1913, population  - 230).  I lovingly to refer to the area as Mayberry.

There are NO glasses of water, NO glasses of ice, sorry, - you can purchase bottled water and there is Turkey Hill Teas, Milk, Orange Juice and a couple different sodas, hot tea, and hot chocolate.  There is NO fountain soda of any kind here. 

I don't have a public bathroom, it is not handicap accessible, but I do have a facility with which you can wash your hands and get some necessary comfort.  (keep in mind it was never a restaurant).

There is not always table service, it depends on what time you get here, and how busy it is.  If the place is hopping, check out the chalk board behind the counter for any specials, grab a menu and a table, get a cup of coffee or something cold to drink out of the coolers - yes, it is self service, and I will be with you as quick as I can.

Now... if you have read this far you may be saying to yourself....

well, why would I spend good money to eat at a place that I pretty much serve myself? 

My answer would be ... We have great food.  I make it myself.  The roast beef and turkey are both cooked right here in this Kitchen.  I use Farmland Silver Label Ham, sliced here.  Fresh hamburger, not frozen patties, Fresh chicken tenderloins, never frozen processed or prebreaded, and fresh, not frozen bulk breakfast sausage.

Veggetables, when in season are supplied by Butch Keller, he lives a mile up the road and brings a fresh supply of whatever is needed on almost a daily basis (he is also a regular customer).  When Butch cannot supply what we need we turn to Small Family Farm, Busers, and Lehmans.  There is never a short supply of fresh vegetables during the growing season in this area.  Farm to table has been happening here forever.

We make the salads served here:  broccoli, potato, macaroni, coleslaw, baked beans, - nothing is purchased premade.  Small batches are made daily.

Sorry, but you will not find hot dogs or cold cut sandwiches here.

Bread is delivered 3 times a week fresh from Terranetti's Bakery in Mechanicsburg, it compliments the fresh meats wonderfully.

You will find local people here who know each other and each other's families, most have grown up with one another, attended school together, and are now raising their own families.  We pretty much know the names of every guest who comes in, and those who are unfamiliar are hopefully made to feel at home right away. 








not only do I have great food, but have you tried The River House Restaurant in Craley?  It used to be the Craley Drive In.... they also prepare your meals fresh.  Great food, good prices, friendly atmosphere.