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Hello!   Thanks so much for stopping by...


About 4 ½ miles south of Wrightsville, near the little town of East Prospect a very nondescript building sits along Route 124 (Prospect Rd). Off the beaten path, and easy to miss, this is home to Becky’s Kitchen.


Built in the 1950’s by Sedon Ritz, it served the local community with groceries, dry goods, and the like until it could no longer compete with the chain convenience stores. Slowly, from about 1992 until 2011 it began to transition from groceries and sandwiches to the restaurant it now is.   Lucky for me, a lot of the locals who came during the entire transition, continue to come in today.  


 FRESH meats are served here.... burger, chicken, roast beef, turkey, ham, bulk breakfast sausage....


I make real mashed potatoes, and use real vegetables. Potatoes are locally grown by Butch Keller, he lives less than a mile away. He also supplies me with sweet potatoes, corn, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, carrots, onions, and cabbage during the growing season.

Other fresh produce comes from Lehmans, and Small Family Farm. When fresh veggies are not in season, I use frozen, only frozen, never canned.

There is a great cheese steak on the menu as well as a chicken steak made with fresh tenderloins.

Terranetti’s, from Mechanicsburg, delivers fresh bread and rolls 3 times a week. Their 8 grain wheat bread wonderfully complements all the sandwiches made here.

You CANNOT get hot dogs, or processed lunch meat here at Becky's Kitchen;  I don't make cold cut subs. I DO serve pulled roast beef and turkey that are both cooked and prepared here, fresh. I use Farmland Silver Label whole hams,

I am not a chef.. I am a old fashion, country cook. You will find me here every day, all day.  

.... a side note, all the food here is served on paper plates, with plastic knives, forks, & spoons, nothing fancy, - just simple, good food in a quaint, relaxed atmosphere, but if the plasticware hinks you out, let me know... I do have real silverware.